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Many of you are familiar with two of Indianola’s treasures:  the beautiful beach and boardwalk of the  Indianola Waterfront Preserve,  and the loop trails of the Indianola Woodland Preserve.   Lying between them is an undeveloped 7.5 acre parcel, located at the corner of Gerald Cliff Drive and Seaview Avenue. Many of you are familiar with this property as well, having enjoyed its woods and walked its trails for many years. We call it the North Kitsap Green Link.

We have a window of opportunity- but time is critical to preserve the Green Link!

After decades in private ownership, the Green Link has been listed for sale. Although the property is currently zoned for only one home site, experts believe that a developer could secure zoning similar to surrounding properties, potentially increasing density and development. If the parcel is developed for private use, the connection between the Woodland and Waterfront Preserves will be severed, and its recreational and habitat value will be lost forever. But, if purchased and placed in public trust, the Green Link will unite the Woodland and Waterfront Preserves and create a 90-acre contiguous expanse of public-use open space forever.

Our Vision & Mission
Our Vision: A united, public-use waterfront and woodland preserve in the heart of Indianola, held in public trust and protected forever from development.

Our Mission: Raise approximately $360,000 in charitable contributions to purchase and donate the North Kitsap Green Link, to be maintained as open space by Kitsap County in partnership with the Great Peninsula Conservancy.

The Indianola Waterfront and Woodland Preserves were acquired and dedicated in this way in the 1990s. The Green Link will contribute to the GPC’s goal of preserving contiguous tracts of forest, and their representatives have agreed to become its stewards.

To accomplish this we have formed a committee of enthusiastic volunteers from the entire Indianola community, including members of the IBIC and the IBA.
The Great Peninsula Conservancy and Kitsap County are on board and support this project and steps taken so far.

Moving forward…. We can make this happen!

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